Harbor Reins is a nonprofit organization offering mental health treatment to veterans, military, and their families.  We have the unique ability to combine traditional mental health treatment  with Equine Assisted Psychotherapy.  Yes! Therapy with horses!

whitehorsex450We are passionate about serving veterans, military, and their families and provide easily accessible treatment in their communities.  Harbor Reins is here to provide quality, evidenced-based, and effective treatment to veterans and military in North Carolina.


Equine assisted therapy utilizes the client’s relationship with the horse, combined with the rhythmic pattern of the horse’s movement, to heal from the exposure to trauma or chronic stressors.  This same relationship with the horse can assist with deployment, re-entry, and interpersonal difficulties.


Harbor Reins desires that no military service member, veteran, or their family member, go without mental health treatment.


Harbor Reins exists to provide mental health treatment – specifically equine assisted psychotherapy (EAP) – to military service members, veterans, and their family members.  

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